Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lazy Saturday Thoughts

It's just a lazy day around here at the CrAzY Working Mom household. Tyler is riding horses with his dad and pawpaw. Shelby and I have just been hanging out. I've decided that we're going to go get some ice cream and maybe do a bit of shopping. Since Father's Day is coming very soon we might look around for some things for Brien. I need some new maternity clothing as well. I am going to have to get some sort of preggo swim suit I suppose. I dread it. I absolute hate swimsuit shopping on normal terms, but being pregnant makes it even worse. Off to find some ice cream, if the swim suit is found along the way then so be it!

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Desert Songbird said...

There's something so wrong about shopping for bathing suits in general; when pregnant? Ick.

Have a fun and relaxing day, T.

Linda said...

I'd take the ice cream over the swim suit any day!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I have one that I am hoping will work without the torture of swimsuit shopping while pg.