Saturday, March 29, 2008


It has been a long week. I had to travel 6 hours one way for business on Tuesday and then 6 hours back home Wednesday afternoon. The trouble is that I woke up at 3AM on Tuesday and couldn't go back to sleep so I stayed up in preparation for the drive. It was a long day. I was exhausted when I hit that king sized hotel bed.

When I got home, Shelby was sick with some sort of stomach bug. I was up with her a big part of the night Wednesday night. I was back at work on Thursday. I have felt exhausted and out of it all week. Thursday night I went to bed at 8:30. Last night I was snoozing by 9. Unfortunately my sleep was interrupted last night. Tyler woke up at 12:30 upchucking.

Thankfully we still had some phenogren from when Shelby was sick. They now make this stuff in a gel form that you rub on their wrists instead of the 'ole suppository that was miserable for everyone involved. So, I gave Tyler some of this sleep saving medicine and he only dry heaved a couple of times after that. Our sleep wasn't without interruption as it began to storm a short while later and he's terrified of storms.

He seems to be feeling a bit better this morning. He's eaten a slice of cinnamon toast and some crackers. He's also drank a cup of Sprite. So far he's kept it down.
I've just got my fingers crossed that this awful virus skips over me when choosing it's next victim! I'm off to find some tooth picks to hold my eyes open after I find a walk in tub to soak my weary body.

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Mo said...

Dang, honey, that's a lot of sick!
Hope you get some rest this weekend!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hope everyone's feeling much better now. God bless.