Monday, March 24, 2008


Hubby and I did a bit of shopping tonight. We were looking at usb flash drives. He's taking my old laptop to his office to use there. He has a desktop PC that is used for his business records, etc. He wants to be able to move files from one computer to another. The trouble is that this all sounds easy until you get ready to do it. He uses one particular program that keeps most of his records in one place, but he does have quotes and other things in my documents. So, we were trying to figure out what size would best suit his needs. We ended up leaving the store empty handed. It's all way too much for our little not-so-technologically advanced brains!

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Sarge Charlie said...

I am going to copy this, I will have some fun, stop by later

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hey i saw this on sarges! now i know where he took it from! ha ha

don't get less than 2 gb. i made that mistake already. more is better. (usually! ha ha ha)

smiles, bee

girlymom said...

I wish someone would simplify the computer tech words for the rest of us non tech people!

crunchycarpets said...

dh and I want to get an external hard drive thingie..or SOMETHING.

haven't done it yet