Monday, February 11, 2008

Yoplait Kids

I am pleased to announce the arrival of a nutritious, yet delicious treat for your children! Today, we received samples of Yoplait Kids yogurt from the Mom's over at Mom Central. We were lucky enough to get peach and strawberry/banana flavors. My favorite by far was the peach. It had the yummy freshness of biting into a fresh peach. If you close your eyes as you take a bite you can almost get lost in the summer breeze of peachy goodness! Another added plus was that it had the kids' favorite characters on the box, Diego and Dora! Shelby was partial to the yogurt, but Tyler LOVED the Yoplait Kids Yogurt drink. It's a 3.1 ounce bottle just the right size for small toddler hands. These are all features that your kids are sure to love. Features that you as a mom might love as much as I did include 25% less sugar. I have to admit that being a busy mom on the go sugar is something that creeps up on us easily when I pour a hand full of dry cookie crisp in a ziploc baggie for my children to munch on as we drive to daycare. Every way I can cut corners in this department is a huge milestone for me. This yogurt has great texture as well. It is well blended, yet thick. This means there are less messes when this yogurt is eaten by a determined self feeding toddler. That is something that I really love! There are no artificial sweeteners or flavors and it is an excellent source of calcium. Our family gives it two thumbs way up and I feel like you will too when you give it a try!

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