Saturday, February 23, 2008

Easter is coming!

Easter is on its way. It is one of our favorite holidays because we usually get to gather with the entire family. I usually host this event so that makes it even more fun. I remember last year it was VERY cold on Easter Sunday, but usually the weather is beautiful and the spring flowers are blooming. The kids LOVE to color eggs. We have lots of kiddos running around in our front yard hunting for those hidden eggs and we always have two or three special "Money" eggs that they love. I love to shop at Lillian Vernon because they have such cute things. The best part is that personalization is always free! If you are looking for that something special, I'd advise you to give the a click and I'm sure you'd love to have some Lillian Vernon coupons, so feel free to click this link and use them for yourself! I'm headed over to get the kids some new baskets with their names on them. They're going to love them!

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