Friday, January 25, 2008

Monster Trucks and Girlie Stuff

I got all of the luggage packed up for hubby. He plans to take Tyler, our two year old son to his first ever monster truck show tonight! He is still not fully potty trained, so Dad will need a change of clothes and pull ups just in case. They are both pretty excited. Brien plans to take his two nephews as well. His cousin will also be bringing his son. They have never seen the show before so they are all geared up and ready to go. Since the boys will be having their night out, we girls shall not be outdone! We don't really have anything set in stone just yet. We might just grab a bite to eat at the Japanese Steakhouse and then watch a movie or rent some movies to take back home and watch. But, it should be a fun night for all involved! We're keeping our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates!

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