Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas gifts for me?! Hmmm...

My list wasn't very long this year. The reason is very simple. Mostly I didn't ask for a lot because I don't need or want a lot. I'm just one of those people that when I see something I want, I just get it. Well, that is within reason. There is one thing that I would really love to have...a new truck. I have an '02 Dodge Ram Quad Cab. I would LOVE to trade it in on something a little different. I want to get an SUV. I'm not really that particular as to what it has to be. Just something with four doors and some cargo room that is weather proof. I know I won't be getting this for the holidays, however so I guess I'll just have to hope for some good truck accessories instead, right?!

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Travis said...

I bought my Jeep Liberty in Dec 2002 and it's the best vehicle I ever owned. The only regret I have now about it is that it's not 4-wheel or all-wheel drive.

That wasn't a big deal when I was in soCal, but it's a bit of a problem now in WA because of icy roads.