Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tyler the Toddler?! *sniff*

My little guy is growing so fast. Tyler turned two in August and he still sleeps in a crib. This is mostly due to the fact that I just can't accept that he's not a baby anymore! We've talked about getting him in a "big boy" bed, and it always goes back to the climbing out factor. I know he would LOVE to have a big boy bed. I would just have to take the crib down and that would be an end to the baby era in our house. We've officially graduated to the toddler / pre K ages, although Shelby would beg to differ because in her eyes she's pre-High School. I need to look into some furniture for his room. He needs a new entertainment center to match his new bed. I have found some really nice looking entertainment centers online made by Bush furniture. In the meantime, I'll still lay my "baby" boy in his crib at night. *sigh*

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girlymom said...

My daughter turned 2 in May and I still have her in the crib. Simply because it's easier for me and she loves the thing. The next baby needs it soon though, so she will be movin on up to the toddler bed. Time to put the gates up and recheck her room for childproofing. We have an old house and it is 18 steps going straight down, that makes me nervous so we will have to block those off really well. Nevermind the other steps at the back of the house too! See...a crib is just easier.