Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Mo Show

Bloggers unite for PEACE!
This week, Mimi, the originator of the blogging phenomenon
Blog Blast For Peace
will be joining Mo LIVE on Wednesday, November 7th.
Tune in to Blog Talk Radio @ 7pm Eastern time
as we wrap up the day's PEACE festivities!

What an awesome day! A day of blogging peace. What a better way to finish such an amazing day?! The Mo Show with The Pencil Skirt herself!! I can't wait to listen to this show. I hope you'll listen as well. The Mo Show is a hot show, y'all. Don't forget after you listen to rate the show! (((FIVE STARS))) *smile*
I The Mo Show!

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Mo said...

Thanks for the promo - and the bit about the 5 stars!

love ya,