Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My mother-in-law is one of the greatest people I know. She's a wonderful mother to her two sons and the best "memaw" that a kid could ask for. She is willing to watch my kids no matter what the reason. She would, in fact cancel her plans to keep them (and has done so on occasion without telling us) in order to spend time with them. I know that not very many women will talk about their mother-in-laws in this fashion. I must admit that I am a lucky woman. I get along with Martha as well as I do my own mother. She is a great lady and I have very high respect for putting up with my father-in-law for as many years as she has! *LOL*

Martha has suffered from severe joint pain for a long time now. In fact it has always bothered her in some fashion since I have known her. But, in the last three or four years it has become completely intolerable. In fact, Martha was just granted her disability by the state of Arkansas because she is no longer physically able to work. It's really difficult to see her suffer like she does because she has no insurance so surgery is not an option. My father-in-law does the best he can to make ends meet for the two of them, but it's extremely difficult to do for him due to his age.

I've seen Martha use lots of creams, ointments, and even a few different sample pills that the doctor would give her. Nothing would give her immediate relief. A couple of months ago I got a few samples of a product called Freeze It. I passed them on to her and asked her to report the results back to me.

I expected to hear from her a few days later that the product was similar to other products on the market in that it smells horrible and works minimal. I got a phone call the very next morning from my mother-in-law asking where she can purchase the product. She said that it was amazing. She put it on and felt immediate relief in her aching knees. She said that she laid down a bit and normally would have changed positions several times before she could doze off. She was instantly gratified and the best part about it was that there was not a terrible aroma like some of the competition on the market. I was thrilled to know that this product could offer up this wonderful lady a bit of relief. She said that I needed to post for the world to read that Freeze It Gel is amazing and it really does work on arthritis, painful ankle, knee, hip & elbow joints So, my friends this is what I am doing. You can watch the video below to find out more.

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