Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hollywood, Baby!

How would you like a chance to go to Hollywood?! Okay, how about if you went on someone else's dime? That sounds like the chance of a life time to me. I have never been to Hollywood and I would LOVE to go, especially if AAMCO is paying for it. Right now you can enter their Drive Hard / Die Hard Hollywood promotion for your chance to do just that. It's as easy as clicking to the AAMCO site and entering in a few details and you're entered for a four day trip to Hollywood and a day with the Live Free or Die Hard movie stunt man. This is the guy that makes Bruce Willis look so tough! I've not seen this movie. It's available now on DVD.

In addition to the chance to win this amazing trip to Hollywood, you will receive some great money saving coupons to use for your next visit to AAMCO. I know that just about anybody could use a free oil or transmission fluid change (with the purchase of a $50 service). My oil is a bit overdue for a change. So, I guess I'll be using this coupon in the coming weeks. If you are in need of a new transmission, you can get $100 off a transmission rebuild as well. What a deal!? So, head on over to AAMCO now and see the guys you can trust!

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