Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Garage

When we first bought this house I remember being so excited to have a garage. I drive a four door Dodge Ram pick up truck, so it's very difficult to get it inside the garage. I never got into the habit of parking the truck there, unless it was raining. Instead it was much nicer to use this it as garage storage! Even though we have a huge shop out back that we can store things in, it's just more convenient to put things like holiday decorations, luggage, and things that we need frequently out there. I try to get hubby to put them in the attic but, usually by the time he gets them in there we need them again. One good thing is that I have the seasonal things, like decorations in clear plastic tubs and they're labeled so when we need them they are easily located.
How about you? What is in your garage? Do you actually have room to park your vehicle?!

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MamaLee said...

We have a 2-car garage and we actually put our vehicles in there! I drive the minivan and hubby drives the explorer. The garage is in the basement of the house. The other side of the basement is our "cellar" where I attempt to organize everything in boxes and bins, along with doing the laundry.

We do need a separate unit for all the outside stuff, but for now, we keep things under the deck in the back.

Desert Songbird said...

We have a 2.5 car garage, and it's very organized, thanks to hubby. Both vehicles fit in there, as well as all of the Christmas decorations, the kids' bikes and scooters, the spare refrigerator, and the workbench. When it's 110 degrees in the summer, I'm very thankful my car is parked in the garage!

Neila said...

Um yeah. No. I rarely park in the garage. When I know there's a storm coming, I force my hubby to shove everything to the back of the garage so I can get my car in. Other than that, garage parking is a big negatory!

Amy Barry said...

We have an oversize 2 car garage so we can actually park in between the clutter! (It's even down the middle between the cars :0