Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Since the Hannah Montana tickets sold out so fast here (in less than five minutes) I didn't get a ticket to her show in Little Rock. Shelby is only 4 so she isn't really old enough to understand the concept of time, money, etc. There are tickets available to purchase online...for hundreds and even THOUSANDS of dollars. Nuh-uh...not THIS CrAzY momma! So, I got an e-mail today for advanced ticket pricing for High School Musical the live stage tour. I KNOW she will love this. It's right after her birthday, so what could be a better birthday present! Sssshhh...y'all don't tell her now, ya hear?! I mean it!!!

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Mags said...

You may be a CrAzy Momma, but you're also one of the coolest. She's going to LOVE that.

Linda said...

Is Shelby old enough for this show? I don't know much about it other than that a lot of pre-teens are totally nuts about it!