Sunday, October 07, 2007

Technology at it's best

Friday while I was at work some co-workers and I were having a conversation about technology. One of my co-workers is getting a new computer. He was talking about the newest computers that he and his wife are interested in. With today's technology, less is more! The newest computer monitors are so thin it just amazes me. I had one of the old HUGE monitors on my desk at work. It got to where I had a hard time seeing it, so I brought my old one from home when I got my new lap top. It made so much room on my desk top for lots of other things that I had crammed in drawers but used on a daily basis. Televisions are another thing that amazes me. Remember those old console televisions that you could set everything in your living room on top of it and it would function with no problems?! Now they have those cool Plasma televisions that you can mount on the wall with Plasma Wall Brackets or even on the ceiling if you choose to do so! It's amazing, simply amazing how much technology has changed!

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