Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Solar Decathlon

Being on the retail end of new construction, I'm hearing more and more talk about "green" homes. People are becoming more conscience about the energy efficiency of what they are putting in their homes. We're selling more tank less water heaters because the energy savings are just amazing (plus you have an endless supply of hot water). BP, in partnership with the US Department of Energy and sponsor the BP Solar Decathlon. This is an amazing project where livable, energy-efficient, and completely solar-powered houses are designed and constructed. There are twenty teams chosen to compete in this year's Solar Decathlon. The teams consist of colleges and universities around the globe. This month, the teams transport their solar houses to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where they form a solar village. How exciting would this be to see?! I'll be in Baltimore next week. I'd love to hope over and see the results of these great minds at work! The teams compete in 10 contests to determine an overall winner. Using only energy from the sun, the teams will generate enough electricity to run a modern household. With their eye on energy efficiency, these students carefully choose the systems, products and appliances used in their solar houses. Architecture, Engineering, Market Viability, Appliances, & Hot Water are just a few of the categories the contestants will be judged on. I'm excited to see the results!

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