Friday, October 26, 2007

Smashed a Penny Lately?

I was rolling the change from the kids' piggy banks a few weeks ago so that we could take their money and deposit it in their savings accounts when I ran across something I hadn't seen in a while. One of those squished pennies that you get out of one a penny press machine. You know the one I'm talking about where you put in 50¢ and a penny then you turn the hand crank on the
penny machine and out comes a smashed penny with an image on it. Those were always so fun to me when I was a kid. My kids both enjoyed it. They each had a couple in their banks. One was from the zoo in Memphis and the other was from an Indian Smoke Shop in Oklahoma. Oh, and about all that changed I rolled up...well the bank no longer accepts rolled coins. They have a handy dandy machine that counts it all out for you! Oh yeah, I had to UNROLL all of it. *Sigh* I wanted to run that teller's head through one of those penny presses!

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Mommatude said...


They have one of those penny presses at the aquarium,the mountain tower and the alligator farm in Hot Springs.We of course get way too many every time we go.