Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Arrival in Baltimore!

Remembering the last time I flew, I made sure that Shelby and I got to the airport in plenty of time so that we'd make it through the security check points in plenty of time to board our plane! Shelby waited patiently while we watched the rain fall on the tarmac. Shelby loved her new kid proof digital camera that I bought for her and she took lots of photos. There were a few keepers. This was the scene outside causing our flight to be delayed 45 minutes from our original departure time. Thank goodness we were flying straight through so we had no connection to worry about. The flight was a bit turbulent. I thought it'd be tough on Shelby, but she occupied her time by flagging magazines with post it notes. She wanted to make sure that Santa knew the exact color, shape, and size of each gift that she so carefully selected from each magazine! She made out like a champ on her first flight. She wasn't a bit scared. She actually loved it. Her favorite part was looking out the window at the ground. She thought that was really cool. Becca met us at the airport with no problems. We found our luggage and began our trek across BWI airport to Becca's car in the parking garage. Becca took us to an awesome dinner at a place called The Paper Moon. If you live in the Baltimore area, and have never been to this little place, it's pretty awesome. The decor on the walls is something else! Shelby got a few pictures with her camera. This was a shot of the ceiling. There are all sorts of awesome things on the wall. In this photo you can see a potty chair on the celing! Shelby, Bec, and I decided that Shelby could do this in her bedroom. Next time her father or myself ask her to clean her room, she can just get some heavy duty super glue and stick her things to the wall! The only down side to this would be that she could not play with them when she wanted to! But, it'd make for interesting decoration and the things would be off the floor! The food was great as well. We left there and went to Becca's house where we FINALLY got to meet the sweet Annabelle! She was so excited to have company. She was sweet and gives the best kisses. She seemed more excited to meet Shelby because she was just the right height for Annabelle to jump up and say hi. She got a few battle wounds from Annabelle's claws. It took her a bit to warm up to Annabelle, I think she was a bit intimidated by her size, although she's small now! But, once she did they had a fun time together. Becca's house was amazingly cozy. Shelby and I slept in her bed and she slept downstairs on the couch and I must say that I enjoyed her home. I am so glad that she was such a lovely hostess to us while we were there and I can't wait to go back and visit again soon!

Stay tuned for the next Baltimore update on what we did on our first full day there. It was a day in the big city! :)

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Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Tisha. Welcome back from your vacation. Thanks for sharing about your arrival in Baltimore. I'm glad that Shelby did well on her first flight.

Nice to know you had a wonderful first day at Baltimore. Annabelle is so cute and looks really playful in that shot.

Rebecca said...

That was a great post - I love the way you did the pictures. Annabelle looks SO big!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How fun. Glad you had a great time. :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks Rach.

Bec, I've got one for each day we were there...well Build a bear has it's own post. :)

Tune in for more.

We did Sandee! I'm ready to go back.