Saturday, October 06, 2007

Online Gambling

I've never done any online gambling. I used to be addicted to Pogo back before I discovered the awesome blogging world. My favorite games were blackjack and Ali Baba slots. It was so much fun racking up those pogo points. I remember playing one time and someone was in the same room as I was that hit the jackpot! I was a bit jealous but it was neat to know that people were actually winning, although I never did. I love to gamble. We live a few hours away from Tunica, Mississippi and we love to go over there and play. My favorite games are the slot machines. I love to play wheel of fortune. Hubby likes to play roulette and black jack, though. I am easily intimidated at tables, so I don't usually play those. I am taking hubs to Vegas next year with my paid blogging money. I might try my hand at the big money tables while I'm there. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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