Friday, October 05, 2007

Mad Gringo

Hubby has a few hawaiian shirts. You have to be in a certain mode and it has to be that certain mode...the s l o w mode to be able to pull it off. You've seen those shirts I'm talking about haven't you? Yup, those shirts that make you wish that you were at the beach somewhere sipping on something frozen and fruity!! I've never been to Hawaii, but those shirts sure make me feel like I am! Over at they have Hawaiian Shirts that say: "Drop the to do list. Lose the cell. Grab the flip flops." They operate on the "Go Slow" mentality. In today's day we work, work, work. I work at work, I work at home. It's hard to find that slow down time. Shirts made by the Mad Gringo are 100% Guaranteed. They are traditionally handcrafted with genuine coconut buttons. Who is the Mad Gringo, you ask? Well, we all have a Mad Gringo deep down inside. The one who is tired of working all of the time, one who is tired of wearing the coat and tie. That Mad Gringo wants to come out and wear something colorful and tropical. Come on, go for it! We all have to let the Mad Gringo out every once in a while! Head for the beach, my friend.

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