Friday, October 26, 2007

Sales Training

As many of you already know, my husband is a master plumber. He's been in business for himself for about 6 years now. He started out doing mostly service work and helping out the plumbers that he's worked for in the past. As his business took off, he began to build a wider customer base. This eventually led him to contractors who would have him do their new construction, residential and commercial, which is mostly what he does today. He very rarely does service calls anymore. When you're the boss when you get those icky calls, you dial up your men and send them on their way! Seriously, though when you own your own business no matter what you do it is a lot of work. Not only physical work, but you have to put pen to paper A LOT and my husband spends SO MUCH time on the phone it is not even funny. Sometimes when I hear it ring, I cringe...but it usually means money! Plumbers interested in bettering their own business can consider Sales Training.

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