Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sports Trivia

Hey Sports Fans! Do you enjoy Sports? If so I have the perfect site for you. Do you love sports trivia?! Triviafix is a place where you can test your sports knowledge and see how you rate against others. You can test yourself on any level starting from 'Sports' all the way down to a team level question. Each level has it's own ranking and scoring so even if you only know your local home town team Trivia you can still be numero uno! How about submitting your own questions to stump your friends as well as your competition. Of course since I'm a blogging mommy the only sports that I'm familiar with these days are child wrangling, diaper changing and vacuum racing! I am a pretty big fan of Nascar although I know that some folks would argue it's true value as a sport. Hubs is mostly into deer hunting as you all well know since I posted about him and his crazy buddies sitting on the roof sighting in their bows. I love a good football game every now and again myself. But, I can't for the life of me remember names and teams. So, trivia is not one of my strong suits. But, for those of my readers who do love this sort of thing, I think you should try Sportsfix.

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