Monday, September 24, 2007


When I was growing up, my step dad worked construction. I remember when he was doing the roofing there were many days in the summer when we would go to the job site and help him in any way we could. I loved to cut the shingles when they needed cut. We would also have to pick up the trash around the houses as well. I didn't like this job as well as I did some of the others that were directly helping my step father. There are things that I remember about helping in the summer, though. It was a hot job...very hot! That hot tar from those shingles would make your shoes stick to the roof if you weren't careful. In fact most of the time my step father would get up VERY early in the morning to go to work. Then when the sun would heat up the roof, we'd stop for the afternoon and then come back later on in the evening when the sun had done it's days work. It is a very tiring job and I have a lot of respect for men (and women) who get out there and work in the heat! It's a tiring job. Now days metal roofing seems to be the way to go. There are lots of people in Arkansas that are tearing off their old shingled roof and putting on the less traditional metal roof. The following is a press release about a South Florida Roofing Contractor:
Tri-County Roofing – South Florida Roofing Contractor

Tri-County Roofing, located in Hollywood, Florida is a leading metal roofing contractor.
South Florida has seen a great increase in consumers and commercial business interest in metal roofing. Metal roofing comes in a variety of styles and price points. The main attraction to Floridians is the roofing systems resistance to high winds. Some metal roofing systems have wind rating guarantees in excess of 170 MPH. That’s something that tile and shingle roofs can’t offer.

While a metal roof can initially be considerably more expensive than a tile or shingle roof, it’s an investment that potentially could save a home or property owner hundreds of thousands over the life of the roof.

Tri-County Roofing has been a commercial and residential South Florida Roof Contractor for more than twenty-five years. This family owned and operated business treats every client with the same attention to detail and respect. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar commercial roofing project or a residential shingle re-roof, Tri-County Roofing provides a superior product, excellent service at a competitive price.

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