Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Fair Week!

Since this week is fair week, we took the kids last night to the fair and had a fun time. It was arm band night and you get in the gates free. So, guess what??? There was a HUGE crowd! It was dreadful trying to fight through the walls of teenagers just standing right in the center of the midway so you could not get by them. Shelby being the "big girl" she is would NOT let us carry her, AND she didn't want us touching her. So, I had to keep my eye on her the entire time! Tyler was up and down on what he wanted to do. He rode a few rides with us, but the bigger ones they wouldn't let him on. Not that we didn't try. He was heart broken when the other kids got to ride and he couldn't! There was one ride that was a massive slide that you had to climb up what seemed like a thousand stairs to get to and then just slide right down! It was really fun. I must admit that I got a bit of a butterfly tummy when I went down. :) But, overall we had a really great night. Oh, and the kids got to milk a cow! Yup, that was neat. I got a picture on my cell phone of Shelby doing it. I'll have to e-mail it to myself so I can post it. I saw a few people with a baby sling last night and I was sure wishing that I had one though when Tyler was getting fussy and wanting to be held! Even though he's a big boy, he wants to be carried when he gets tired and toward the end of the night, tired he got for sure!!!

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Mags said...

Rye Bread is like that now too-so independant until she gets tired and wants to cuddle. Which of course we don't mind, but it's funny to see them on the verge of being a "grown up" kid versus a baby, huh?