Saturday, September 22, 2007


Events that occured on September 22:

  • 1997 - Elton John releases Diana tribute "Candle in the Wind 1997"

  • 1993 - Supreme Soviet dismisses president Boris Yeltsin

  • 1993 - Nolan Ryan, 46, pitches his last game

  • 1981 - Sandra Day O'Connor appointed to Supreme Court

  • 1975 - Sara Jane Moore tries to assassinate President Ford in San Francisco California

  • 1950 - Nobel peace prize awarded to Ralph J Bunche (1st black winner)

  • 1893 - 1st auto built in U.S. (by Duryea brothers) runs in Springfield

  • 1862 - President Lincoln, says he will free slaves in all states on Jan 1

  • 1789 - Office of Postmaster General is created under the Treasury Department

  • 1692 - Last (8) person hanged for witchcraft in U.S. (Salem Mass)

  • Funny how ten years later we are still intrigued by the death of princess Diana, isn't it? It's been amazing to see everything in the media that I've been seeing about all of the inquiries and now they even have video of she and her lover in the jewelry shop supposedly buying an engagement ring!

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    Amazing Gracie said...

    Duryea Brothers built the first car in the US? Very interesting!
    I love facts like these.