Wednesday, September 05, 2007


A day after word leaked out that Mattel is recalling another big batch of lead-paint-tainted toys, China's new health chief thinks it might be hyped-up Americans who are tainted with "over-sensitivity," Reuters reports. "I must remind some friends that we are certainly extremely sensitive towards this problem, but over-sensitivity caused by only seeing part of the picture, in medical terms, is called an allergy," Health Minister Chen Zhu said in his first news conference since taking over in late June amid revelations of Chinese products that were contaminated or dangerous. "I want to tell everyone that they can have confidence in the quality of Chinese products and food safety." The confidence man said that in the face of this report from China's official Xinhua news agency: Inspectors of building materials in the southern province of Guangdong found that of 316 batches of materials checked, 60% did not meet standards for strength and safety. For stainless steel, 93.3% did not. And, according to Reuters, state radio said that quality inspectors shut 83 liquor businesses in four provinces for booze that had been made illegally. Chen said he's a big fan of the media, however. "I also want to explicitly say that we support media supervision over health work," he added. source

Since the topic tonight on The Mo Show was "Made In China" I thought I would post this story. I thought it a bit ironic that China's health officials think that Americans are over sensitive to the fact that we are buying toys for our children that contain a product that can potentially cause GREAT HARM or even death to them. Hmmmmpfh! I wonder if I grabbed him by the kahunas if he'd get angry if I called him "over sensitive" if he screamed!

Great show tonight, by the way Mo.

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Tisha, this is ruining Mattel's reputation too. Well, if you can find his kahunas then go ahead and give the a big grab. He's doing damage control... Period. Yes, The Mo Show was great. Well, except for Fred.

Mo said...

Thanks, Tisha. You know heads are gonna roll @ Mattel. Too bad they didn't have some factories in the USA to fall back on, eh?