Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Children's Sports

Both of my children are small. They do not play sports. But, I have two nephews who play baseball and soccer. I LOVE to go watch them play those sports. Especially my youngest nephew. He is such a character out there on the field. He is a talker. They usually put him on third base, so he hangs out there throwing his glove up in the air, kicking the dirt, and when the occasional opposing team player happens to be standing on his base, he is in heaven. He will start with the introduction and then the chatter begins. I know this because he talks loud enough that the whole ball field can hear him! It is pretty cute, though. Thank goodness his coach gives him great sports instruction! There is a place online where parents can attain these skills as well. As a parent, you can learn comprehensive sportsmanship and sports parenting content to help you develop well-rounded athletes to set a good example for their kids. This can be quite a difficult task for a lot of parents! They also offer easy-to-understand tips and advice, as well as kid-friendly feature stories and interviews with athletes and coaches that help educate, motivate and encourage your kids to get the most out of the youth sports experience. This website had great instructional content that contains more than 500 free videos that teach key skills in sports like soccer, football, basketball and many more that make it easy for parents to help develop their kids’ skills and enjoyment of the game.

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Rae Pica said...

You didn't say how old your nephews are, but whatever their age, I'm so glad no one's trying to change the youngest one from a personality to a pro! Too many parents and coaches would be scolding him for not paying attention, hoping that if they squashed his natural instincts to be a "character," they could turn him into a "real athlete."

The number-one reason children want to play sports is because it's fun. The number-one reason they quit is because it's no longer fun. And 70% of them have quit by age 13!

If we want children to be physically active for life, we have to be sure they continue to enjoy physical activity!