Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nice Matters

Bridget over at ...And Miles to Go Before We Sleep... has awarded me with the Nice Matters award. She had this to say about me:

Thank you so much. I will display this award in my sidebar with pride!

Now, I get to bestow this honor to five people of my choosing. :) Here goes:

Bee from Muffin 53 is one of the nicest bloggers in the bloggosphere! Ms Bee always has kind words to leave at each stop she makes during the day. Most times she will be the very first person to leave a comment on a post! Thank you, Ms Bee for being one of my favorite bloggers. Thank you for making me a daily stop on your journey through blog land!

Gracie from Echos of Grace is such a kind hearted person. I love her quirky posts. She is so heart felt about everything she says. She doesn't hold anything back and that is my favorite part of Gracie. She tells it like it is! Thank you, Gracie...for being YOU!

Morgen from It's A Blog Eat Blog World is such an awesome guy! If you have not listened to The Mo Show on blog talk radio...you are missing the most wonderful laugh that you have ever heard. He is one of the most kind and generous people that I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with in the bloggosphere! I hope to some day get to meet Mo in real life. But, until then I will keep up my daily doses of his THREE blogs and listen to The Mo Show on Wednesdays and wait for that marvelous laugh!

Josh at The Gabbatha Journey a/k/a Chris Daughtry is another nice blogger. Josh is a wonderfully outspoken Christian man with an absolutely adorable little girl. He always leaves me wonderful comments and I loved his battle of the band contest, and the band of the week links. He does resemble Chris Daughtry a bit...so how can you not LOVE this guy?!

Sanni over at Coffee 2 Go is an awesomely nice chick. She is the mastermind behind my new blog template. So, if you are still lovin' it, go tell her so. Thank you for the awesome job, girlfriend. She is a mommy blogger of sorts like me with an amazingly cute little boy, Luis. I love to see her photo collaborations of him. She is such a sweet heart that she has a heartfelt post up right now about a good friend who lost everything (including her mother) in a house fire. Thank you, Sanni for your kindness.

Thank you all for your niceness...
now pass this award on to five of your favorite "nice" bloggers!

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

thanks honey! wow, that is really sweet of you... *blush* (is there cake?)

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

OMG... I'm sitting at my computer blushing... and the folks at work are going to start wondering why.

Okay, now for my speech... I'd like to thank all of my great readers, one pretty lady in particular, you know who you are (WINK).

But really, thanks. This made my day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and does putting a pink flowery reward on my blog make me less of a man?

I could create a masculine award with a phallic symbol or something? Lol... Kidding. Thanks Again.

Amazing Gracie said...

I'm still laughing at Josh's comment! Ha, ha!!!
I'll have to start reading his blog, that was funny...
Thank you so much, girl. There are so many people you could've chosen that I really feel honored to be with Morgen and Bee and Sanni. Bless you, sweetheart!!!

Amazing Gracie said...
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Sanni said...

WOW! Thank you so much, Tish! I´m the fifth person blushing *LOL*

I´m so sorry for catching up so late... still trying to do everything possible for Mara. I´d be a useless wreck in her situation =(

I´ll catch up on Friday - promised!

Lots of love,

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations on this sweet award. I'm also happy to receive one just recently.