Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh the irony!

We woke up yesterday morning and guess what?! The air conditioner was NOT working. *Sigh* It was a very hot day. The temperature in the house on the thermostat got up to 90 at one point in time yesterday. It was quite miserable. Little man had been feeling great on Saturday, but he woke up Sunday morning sick again! He puked four times yesterday. We were all miserable last night trying to stay cool.

Where's the irony in this story, you say? Today, we're all away from the house and it has been raining out and the temp as I am typing this is 70°! How's that for a slap in the face?! D'oh. It's been dark and cloudy all day, raining and breezy! It's almost quitting time and the sun is starting to peek through the clouds! *sigh* I guess the good thing about that is that if it does peek out then I'm going to go hop in the pool!

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lisa said...

there is nothing worse than being sick in awful heat! Hope your little man is feeling better.

Linda said...

It has been said that God has a strange sense of humor sometimes and this just seems to be exactly what that means!

I hope your son is finally feeling better, the poor little guy. Bad enough to be sick but to be sick when it's so hot, too.

We've got a bad case of the hot and humids up this way and I guess will be that way until the end of the week - ugh!!

Amazing Gracie said...

I think appliances have a vendetta against humans. They know exactly when to go out!
I hope your little man is feeling much better - and please, don't get it!

Anonymous said...

Awww - poor little guy!

I feel the irony too - it's been smoking hot here the entire time I've been painting. I'm SURE the rain will come as soon as I'm done and ready to head to the beach!