Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Time sure flies when you're having fun. I tell you what, it seems like this last year has really flown. In August, my little man will be 2 years old! We've been trying to figure out what theme would best suit him for a party, and as I sat there tonight watching my children I thought to myself, where has the time gone!? It seems like only yesterday I was holding my little boy thinking to myself that this would be the last child that I would give birth to. This would be the last time I would hold a baby of my own. I had a really hard time going back to work after my maternity leave. I was afraid to leave him. I loved him so much. I knew that he would only be little once and I wanted to enjoy every single minute of it. Now I watch him grow and learn everyday. He has become such an independent little guy and it's amazing to see him strive for something and not quit until he achieves his goal, whether it's going to get him in trouble or not!!

My little Shelby is such a diva! She's turned 4 in November. She's been going to daycare/preschool since last August and it has helped her to come out of her shell. She also knows how to write her name, count to 20, colors, shapes, etc. I am so proud that she does so well in all she achieves. I see so much of myself in my daughter! She is quite the entertainer. She will come stand in front of the television and inform us that we are going to be getting a free show. We'll turn off the TV and watch her until she feels like we've gotten a good enough show. :) She is a bit on the sassy side, though. We have to stay on her about talking back, stomping her feet, slamming doors...she's only 4. The teenage years should be fun!!!

***Sigh*** I just wanted to post a bit of reflection on my children. This is why I originally started this blog. I wanted to have a place to write my thoughts, post pictures, etc. It's turned out to be a whole lot more. But, I think in time when they are older it will be fun for them to read this and get an insight as to who their mom was at this moment in time. :)
I only hope I can make my children half as proud as they make me!!!

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

lovely children! and a lovely mama too! good job honey.

smiles, bee

Ginafish said...

Too Sweet! I love how he is wearing the crown in that picture!

Skittles said...

Try looking back when your kids are 32, 27 and 26!

Tyler looks adorable in the tiara. Did he steal it from Bee?

Anonymous said...

They are so cute!

And yes, the time does go by very fast doesn't it?

Dayngr said...

I agree. It does go by too fast. My little guy just turned three and we went with the Cars theme. It was a toss up between that and trains. My baby will be two in July and I really can't believe she is already so big.

She is totally independent and wants to do everything herself. She gets very mad if you try to help her and she will promptly point at you (as if telling you where to go) and then cross her arms and make a pouty face (telling you she is mad).

I can only imagine what preschool will be like. Please don't make me think about the teenage years.

Travis said...

Cute kids!