Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Mo Show is TONIGHT!!!

The countdown is over! Don't forget about my friend Morgen's Blog Talk Radio Program he'll be on the air live on today, Tuesday June 26th @ 6:30pm EST (after 7pm EST you can listen to the archived recording of the show any time). You can go to this post to find out all the details to get there! We're all so excited for Mo and still waiting on our FoMo (Friends of Mo) badges.

This Just In...

Mo was a hit!!!! Great calls from Bee, Bond, Dixie (from Tennessee), Callie, Dessert Songbird, Sandee, Neila, & Marilyn. I listened in the archives, b/c I was on my way home from work when his show aired! I'm so tickled for you, Mo. I think your show was awesome and I can't wait to hear more!! Congrats, Mo.

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