Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Potty Training time...AGAIN?!

I came across this image when I was searching for one to add with this post. I am very intrigued with this product called the Potty Monkey:
THE WHOLE SYSTEM includes Potty Monkey, Flusing toilet, Monkey Learns to Potty child's board book, and The Potty Trainer parent book. Developed by PottyMD to be better than any other Potty Training doll-- Potty Monkey has a timer and requests to go potty every 30 or 90 minutes, depending on your stages of training or toileting difficulties. Potty Monkey will also talk or sing everytime you place him on the toilet. Includes a quality story book about Potty Monkey and his new underwear and potty chair. Remember Monkey See-Monkey Do? The Potty Trainer is an excellent 80-page book for parents that discusses everything you need to know to train even the most difficult situation.
My son will be 2 in August. He had shown signs of potty training a while back and did really well for a couple of weeks and then slipped back into not caring. But, not he dislikes being wet and HATES to be dirty! He will start crying "shoo wee" when he needs to go poopoo in the potty. So, I think it's time to get the pull ups back out and give the 'ole potty training a whirl again! :)
I might hafta give this monkey a try. He loves monkeys, and I don't see why this thing couldn't at least help!?

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Callie Ann said...

this is so funny I must have invented the timer. Seems I have to go pee every 90 minutes lately. Whew makes for a long day. let me know how the Monkey works. Even though Jack Jack is only one he will be right behind your son.

Mags said...

Something about "Potty Monkey" sounds dirty though.

I hope it helps!!!

Skittles said...

Just a little note from an old granny.. Boys typically aren't potty trained until they're about 2 1/2 :)

Titania Starlight said...

Potty Monkey? What will they think of next. Wonder what our female ancestors would think of this? Girls are easy to train. My son was horrid. He would not care if potty was Power Rangers, Barney or Gumby he was intenet on driving me up the wall when he hid from me to poop. :o)

Mike said...

This is interesting lol. It's been many years since I've had to deal with this and all I can say is good luck. It's very nice to have kids that are all trained so you don't have any more diapers to deal with, that is until we need them due to old age lol.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sarge yells "eww doggies!" ha ha

smiles, bee

Rebecca said...

Good luck!!

Morgen said...

Shoooo weeee!

Next time I have to go poopoo in the potty, I'm gonna yell Shooo weee!

I love this monkey! My oldest nephew was THREE before he would consent to pull-ups and was 4 and a half before completely potty trained. Grief!