Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Package!

My package arrived today from Morgen's online store
The Wren Shop. I must first take a bit of time to brag on his WONDERFUL customer service! Within minutes of placing my order, I had an e-mail from Morgen confirming the order and double checking the shipping address that I had misprinted. Thanks so much Mo for your great dedication to detail and hard work. Secondly, I must say that the packing peanuts were so awesome. My kids had such a blast with them. I had to quickly remove my goodies before they were chunked across the kitchen along with the packing peanuts. I think I will keep these peanuts for some other time when I need some blogging time and wanna keep the kids occupied. :)
Now, on with the show. I figured it'd be just as easy to post a slide show since I got so many great photos. So, here ya go. In case you were wondering, my shopping list included: Stainless Steel Gazing Globe, Wrought Iron Gazing Globe Stake, Badger: Bali Balm, & Badger: Anti Bug Balm.

Cool Slideshows

You should go over and check out

for Morgen's fabulous Mother's Day specials!!

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Mommy the Maid said...

I am loving the slide show!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks Mommy! I love Picturetrail. They have lots of cool options. :)
Glad you stopped by.

Amazing Gracie said...

That was really cool!!! Your kids are so adorable! Mo is really gonna love the slide show...

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

my favorite is the one with the peanut in your son's hair! good post! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Morgen said...

Oh! This made me laugh so much!
I'm glad you like the goodies, and the gazing globe looks so fabulous in your flower bed!

My favorite pic is the one with the peanuts in the air, too!

What a fantastic way to show us this.

Thanks for such a treat!


Skittles said...

I agree! Morgen has great products and fast mailing! I love the slide show!

Comedy + said...

I too was impressed with the service that Morgan provides. He is there to answer any questions and when you order expect to get your package quickly.

So, if you haven't ordered something for Mother's Day you better hurry up.

Sanni said...

I bet I was as full of suspense as your kiddies ;)

Loved this - especially the picture trail.

And I adore The Wren Shop.

Linda said...

What a great post! Do you think that Mo would let you order just a big ole' box of packing peanuts the next time?? The kids would love it!

Morgen said...

LOL Linda - I have boxes & boxes & boxes full of packing peanuts in my store's basement. I hoped when I opened my store, that I would be able to re-use them for shipping, and now that has come true.
I hope everyone has such fun with them as Trish's sweeties did!