Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Your 20 Month Old

The average 20-month-old can learn ten or more words a day, but don't expect to hear your toddler utter all these words just yet. He utters a lotta words alright, you just can't make out what half of them are! That will come later. Now he's working on his ability to understand. To help him along, keep reading and talking to him. Freshen up your book routine by taking her to storytime at your local library (he'll love hearing someone new read to him). Hah! Yeah, right...we'd get kicked out before the first page was turned. He'd be climbing the bookshelves. When you're running errands, narrate your activities and ask her to point out objects you spy, such as an umbrella or flower. We're too busy jammin' to the radio to worry 'bout our surroundings. He's my little music lover. I'll turn on a hip hop song and he'll bop his head with the beat. If I turn on a loud rock song, he'll head bang. It's too funny!

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Skittles said...

Cute :)

This Eclectic Life said...

He won't get kicked out of the library. Trust me. I'm a storyteller at public libraries, and half the time the kids are swinging from the ceilings! Funny post.