Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Laptop

I am writing this post from my new laptop! :)
I was trying to figure out how in the heck to get my pictures from my camera to this laptop 'cause I can't find the cord to my darn camera. My PC had a slot for my memory card...this laptop doesn't. (sniffs) I am sure I put that cord away in a "safe place" and now it is nowhere to be found. I guess I'll upload it to the old PC (before hubby totes it off to his new office), save it to disk and then put it here for my WW post!
Whew...so much to do...so little time.

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Callie Ann said...

Just making the rounds I've got some work ahead of me. All those links to follow. American Idol is coming on now. So i'll be back afterwhile. callie

Shelby said...

yay for new laptops! enjoy:)

Morgen said...

congrats on the new laptop!
very exciting!!!!

Travis said...

Wooo-hoooo for a new laptop!!

diogenes said...

One cqan see a working mom alright but where is that 'crazy' part ;-)

Happy blog.