Sunday, April 08, 2007

My birthday tribute

I just want to take this time to wish my brother & sister a Happy 21st birthday. It seems like only yesterday I was changing their diapers. Now my little brother is a medic in the military and little sis is a great mom and has a very promising career ahead of her. I am so proud of the two of them that words cannot express. I can't believe they are "all grown up". A bit of background on the twins: Mom was a single mom who worked LOTS when we were growing up. I pretty much took the role of mom while she was working. I cooked, cleaned, helped them with their homework, etc. I don't ever regret a minute of it. I think that it helped me prepare for my future role of mommy and it made me much closer with my siblings than probably most others were. Don't get me wrong, we fought...LOTS, but in the end we'd always make up and I think that made us have a much stonger bond now that we're all grown up and have gone our seperate ways. I love my family and I hope that they always realize how much they mean to me and sometimes I wish that when things go wrong in their lives that I could go back and make it better like I could when they were little.
To my little brother I want to say (eventhogh I know he'll probably never read this)
that I am extremely proud of you and secretly hope they don't ship you off to Iraq, eventhough I know this is what you have prepared for and are extremely ready for. You have set goals for yourself and followed through with them. I have seen you turn from a boy to a man in the last couple of years and for that, I salute you little Brother for your service to our country, your bravery, and your awesome ability to put stuff together without ever reading a stitch of directions. My desk still looks beautiful! :)
To my little sister I want to tell you that I am so proud of you for all you have accomplished in life. You have two beautiful children who I absolutely adore. That little "Domino" is such a gem. Those dimples and beautiful bright eyes can make even the saddest day bright. Haven is a little you and I hope that she gives you as much hell as you gave me when you were little! :) Maybed some day you and Joe will marry, but if not as long as you are happy I won't kick his ass! I am so glad that you are working so hard on your new job and things are working out with you and your boss (smiles). I hope that you both continue to be happy and the business thrives and you have all of the tax crap done by this time next year!!!

Happy Birthday to the both of you!!! Sucks that your 21st fell on a Sunday, though!!

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Kara said...

Aw, happy bday to your bro and sis!