Monday, March 19, 2007

Yard Work

Yesterday was "Spring Cleaning" day around our house. We all got out in the yard and worked on getting flower beds cleaned out, leaves raked and burned, and giving the yard it's first trim of the season. It was a tough day. My face is a bit red, possibly from the combination of wind, heat from the fire, and some sunshine (yes, I said sunshine). My hands are sore, and dry. I tell ya what, I'm just not the laboring kinda gal anymore. I was so worn out last night that I hardly remember going to bed I was so sleepy, I drifted right off to sleep quickly! Today, I'm back at the office, behind my desk in front of a computer...*sigh*

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Abigail S said...

Sounds like a very busy day!

Glad to hear you're back where you belong!

Kara said...

That reminds me I should get to weeding my flower beds too, but I really hate it so I don't want to lol.