Monday, March 26, 2007

My 8th Manic Monday

This Week's Theme: Spring

Tigger, or "T-I-double-guh-err (T,i,gg,r) , which spells Tigger." says "Bouncing is what Tiggers do best". If you have children, you've probably seen The Tigger Movie more times than you care to recall. If you don't then you may wonder why I'm posting a picture of Tigger for a SPRING theme. Well, the answer is quite evident in Tigger's theme song. If you know it, please sing along as you read, and don't blame me when you can't get it out of your head later on!
The wonderful thing about tiggers
Is tiggers are wonderful things!
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs!
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is
I'm the only one
Tiggers are cuddly fellas
Tiggers are awfully sweet
Ev'ryone el-us is jealous
That's why I repeat... and repeat
The wonderful thing about tiggers
Is tiggers are marvelous claps!
They're loaded with vim and vigor
They love to leap in your laps!
They're jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is
I'm the only one
I-I-I'm , the only... oof!

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Comedy + said...

Great job. I had forgotten about this altogether. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Travis said...

You are an evil woman. You did that on purpose.

Once I start that song it's with me for days. The only thing that gets rid of it is the theme song for the Wicked Witch of the East.


Lizza said...

Tigger is my favorite Winnie the Pooh character (next to Pooh). He's so cute when he's (unknowingly) tormenting Rabbit and when he's bouncing on that springy tail.

Imma ( Alice) said...

LOL... love this one, Crazy! Tigger springs everywhere when he's happy... and he's usually happy.

Shaz said...

This is the best Manic Monday I've seen so far. Who doesn't love Tigger


This is delightful! Thanks for the happy start to the day!!!

Abigail S said...

I love Tigger! He puts a smile on my face!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi tigger..... smiles, bee

Jamie said...

Nice bouncy and positive image for Monday.

There was a marvelous cartoon many, many years ago showing Tigger collapsed under a tree. The caption read, "Keeping up images is really hard work".

Skittles said...

Ohhh I WILL have this in my head all day!!!!

Claire said...

You should done you manic about your new bed.
I hate tigger, i don't know why!:)

Desert Songbird said...

How could someone NOT love Tigger? He's such "springy" fun. I adore Tigger.

Robinson K. said...

Great analogy. One of my favorite childhood story's of course was Winnie The Pooh, and Tigger too. I don't think that was a title.

Steven said...

I LOVE just made my day!

Sanni said...

I love Tigger, too. That´s why Luis has 5+ Tigger romper suits =)

I wish I could wear them myself, but they don´t fit AND I guess they are... *erm* too sexy?!?! *LOL*

debalious said...

Tigger is a great way to bring in spring!

Gene Bach said...

You gotta love Tigger!