Saturday, March 31, 2007


Where's the damn EASY button when I need it?! Trying to get this tax stuff gathered, totaled, etc for our accountant is stressing me. I think I might have to go find some wine in a bit. *Sigh*

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Rebecca said...

Someone at work has an "easy" button and it's a fun thing when you're really stressed. Not as good as wine though, that was a good idea. Did you get it all pulled together?

Dayngr said...

Wha? Isn't that what you pay the accountant for? If I have to total everything up, and do it all myself what do I need an accountant for? I'd just do all the work myself and take it to H & R Block. LOL!

Seriously though, if you're paying someone, they should do most of the work.

Morgen said...

Lee works at Staples, and he despises the "easy" button.
Not that I can blame him -- having to hear it a zillion times a day!
Now they have a Spanish version!!!
Oi vey!