Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ass Hat Awards: Part Deux!

I not only read this in the news, I saw the trucks right after the accident and it was horrible. The headlines read: The driver of an 18-wheeler lost his life early Friday morning when another tractor trailer toting tanks of oxygen ran off an access road and collided head-on with the truck on Hwy 67/167. What they did not tell you is that the driver of the "tractor trailor toting tanks of oxygen" actually exited the vehicle while it was still in motion! Yes, you heard me right!! He saw flames coming from under the hood and panicked. He was carrying very flammable material and I'm sure thought it was going to explode, so as he was rounding a curve on the access road, he just jumped out leaving the unmanned, ticking time bomb to round the curve, run through a fence and smash head on into an 18 wheeler who was traveling at approximately 65-70 mph on the freeway! The innocent and unknowing driver met a dreadful fate because of the cowardliness of the other man. Understandably the other driver was scared because he thought he was in danger, but I would think that it'd be more deadly to jump out of a moving vehicle with morning commuter traffic all around than to try to quickly stop and get out of the vehicle and try to call for help. I think that this guy deserves TOP HONORS as an Ass Hat In The News Award Winner!!

This story came to me later on so I decided to add it to this one and make it a "double nomination"

A 31 year old mother was arrested in the death of her seven month old baby. Police reported that the mother and baby bathed together and the father found the baby face down in the water while the mother was passed out. Passed out, you say? Yes, she was drunk. BUT wait...the father three years ago had a protection order against the mother because he alleged that she would get drunk and pass out leaving their first child, then three month old baby unattended.
Maybe he thought she'd turned over a new leaf? Who knows!? But, I don't think she deserves mother of the year award since Brittney is now out of rehab. The father should get a good swift kick in the pants for leaving THIS WOMAN unattended with his children. Tsk tsk on both of them. I think that he might should serve some time right there with her. Whaddya think?!
Definitely Ass Hat worthy, right?
I couldn't leave this one out. I posted about it previously and had forgotten about it, so I figured I'd nominate it now.

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Josh said...

Whew! Can't believe you saw the accident.

I must say, I might jump out of my car if I saw flames coming out of the hood as well.

Linda said...

That guy deserves more than an Ass Hat Award, he needs to go to jail for negligent homicide.

tiffany said...

well holy poop, those are some ridiculous people.
i don't know which one i hate more.
thanks so much for playing!

Neila said...

This brings me to the phrase that I find myself uttering more and more often - What the FUCK is wrong with people?!!!!!

Claire said...

They deserve an execution award!
Great choices and you should definitely win with these choices.

Kara said...

Wow, what horrible people! I heard about the baby one, so sad.

Aimeepalooza said...

This is horrible! (not your writing but the asshats.) Uggg, some people.

Jen!! said...

omg, that is SO messed up!!

Peg said...

Oh dear lord...there is no choosing! Each so different, and yet, simply, F'in STUPID!!

Great Job, and cheers on your award!

Maggie said...

Congrats ass hat... oh i mean congrats on the ass hat. Leave out the on the and it sounds wrong. LOL

Good job