Monday, February 12, 2007

Manic Monday With Mo # 3 - "Spike"

This Week's Manic Monday With Mo theme is "Spike"

One definition of the word Spike is to rise or increase sharply. I had a particularly hard time with this theme. I have never killed a deer called a spike. I'm sure hubby has, but what kind of story would that make for my blog. I've never been to a party where the punch was spiked. I've never used a spike to kill a vampire or build a railroad. I've never sat down with Spike Lee for an interview. So, I have racked my brain for two days now as to what in the heck I would post about this week. I gotta post something. I can't let Mo down. I just hafta think of something witty, something that'll keep 'em comin' back for more next week. I am sorry, guys but I have thought and thought and as I was cooking dinner for my family, hubby was sitting in a reclined position in his LAZY boy. The kids were fighting over old french fries from lunch, pulling hair, and smashing them in the carpet. I felt my heart pounding. I stirred the pots on the stove and headed in the "family" room to mediate. I tried not to get between the television and my loving husband while RE-cleaning the living room floor. Then it hit me...I'm a Mom, my blog is called CrAzY Working Mom, so right then and there, I dropped the fries, turned down the stove, unchained the children and headed to my computer! I've got it!!! So, here we go:

Things that make my Heart Rate & Blood Pressure SPIKE:
Cleaning the house for 4 hours, it's destroyed in 5 minutes!
Sitting on the toilet and falling into the water below because the seat is up!, cleaning, saving the universe and the kids scream for me while daddy is sitting comfortably in his recliner!
Picking up dirty clothes out of the floor IN FRONT of the hamper!
Hubby leaving clothes hangers anywhere but in the closet where they belong!
Empty tea pitcher in the fridge!
Dirty, crusty socks in the laundry turned inside out!

I'd just like to add a foot note here that I truly love my family. I love my children and my husband. For if it were not for them, I would have nothing here to post. I love them and for every time I get frustrated with them, I smile three times! There is nothing in this world like a kiss and a hug from my children or a smile followed by a touch on the cheek and a beautiful kiss from my husband. But, we all need a rant every now and again, 'eh?! Hope you all have a great Monday and I can't wait to see every one else's take on such a difficult thought provoking word!!!

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

how funny about the hangers, i rant at sarge if he leaves the hangers IN the closet, i say if the clothes aren't on 'em they go in the laundry room and OUT of the closet, see? and housework is like stringing beads with no knot on the end. it will never be done honey, just do the best you can and don't sweat the small stuff. they'll remember the hugs, not the clean floor.
smiles, bee

katherine. said...

I like to think that the things which make me "spike" keep my arteries well cleaned out.

And think of all the great stories you can tell about them to their teenage friends.

funny when it's someone else (laughing)

Neila said...

Great way to use the word Spike! This would actually make for an awesome Thursday 13. When I start thinking about the many ways my family make my blood pressure spike . . . well, the list is long, but distinguished. :-)

Travis said...

I can remember when my mom used to clean - she'd make it look like no one lived in our house!!

I agree with Mz Bee - don't sweat the small stuff.

Great take on the word!

Gattina said...

You did it ! It's a great "spiky" story and I can understand your blood pressure, lol ! I too had to break my head of this word but then suddenly the illumination came, while I put on my shoes !!

Skittles said...

Nothing wrong with a good rant now and then. (Famous words, huh? lol)

That was a great interpretation of the theme! And we ALL know how much you love that family of yours :)

Sanni said...

Great take on SPIKE! I´m smiling about the empty tea pitcher in the fridge. I´ve tried to "talk" to my hubby Frank 1.000 times about:"It´s not neccessary to keep empty milk boxes (emty bottles, empty packages, empty BLAHBLAH... a neverending list) in the fridge!" Oh, how I love him =) LOL

Lizza said...

You are supermom.

Think of what wonderful childhood memories your kids will have of you...that their mom took extra special care of them--all in the name of love. :-)

Melli said...

Absolutely! I sO "got" your rant! Those things would all SPIKE my blood pressure too -- and DID back when the kids were small! The good news? They outgrow it! The bad news? Hubbies don't! LOL!

I'm not a player... at least not yet! MAYBE next week... :)

whitney said...

I liked your interpretation of "spike." It was very entertaining.

Morgen said...

First = don't ever worry about letting Mo down -- your family comes first sweetie, not the meme!
That being said, this is an awesome post - I love your rant on what spikes your blood pressure!
Thanks so much for participating in Manic Monday
and for being a SuperMom!
love ya,

Asara said...

amen, sister. amen.

lisa said...

oh yeah, I have experienced that spike before. we have a daddy chair in our house too. and there is nothing worse than rewashing clean clothes that got thrown back into the hamper.

Linda said...

From one supposed SuperMom to one who definitely is - I so get your rant and appreciate it! I've tried to learn to relax where my daughter and my house are concerned and even though it apalls me to think that the place is in such a state of disarray, I know that she's happy and that's what really counts.

Still - I can't believe she's such a slob! Did none of my children inherit the neat-genes that I have? None of them???

Mike said...

Sounds like a pretty normal house to me lol. I think that's the way most homes are until someone comes to visit lol.


Great post. You are not alone; I have experienced exactly the same thing! :)

masgblog said...

like your spike!