Monday, February 05, 2007

A Little Piece of Me

I just wanted to say a Congrats to a new friend of mine, Claire for becoming a Bestest Blog of The Day winner. Skittles says this of Claire, "Claire from A little piece of me has shot into the Blogosphere like a rocket! There's hardly anywhere you can go that she isn't there also. She's smart, funny and very quick witted. You can't help but catch her contagious and wonderful outlook on life." I agree! She's great and I'm proud to have added her to my side bar! You go girl. You're awesome.
You gotta go check out her Happy 2000+ visitors! post! I love the way she did it.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Just checked out her site and I like her cool presentation of her favorite blogs.

crpitt said...

Hey thank you!!!! was just here checking to see if i can see that video and i see this!!!
I am sooooo Happy!!!

Linda said...

I agree with you completely - she's spot on!