Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Easy Bake Oven Recall

CBS news reported this morning that Easy Bake Ovens are being recalled by Hasbro. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says kids can get their hands or fingers caught in the toys, and perhaps, suffer burns. Go here to find out how to get a replacement retrofit part to put on your easy bake oven.

We bought my little girl one for Christmas. As we were taking it all out of the box for her, she stuck her hand inside the oven and it got stuck!!! I freaked out. Luckily hubby could get the little stick thing that comes with it in there and release it. She was scared, and SO was I. Thank goodness the darned thing wasn't plugged in and she didn't get burned. She is young, and I know this toy was too old for her, but hubby insisted. She only uses it under our supervision. I am glad to know that they have solved this problem and hopefully no child was injured too badly.

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crpitt said...

Thats scary! i am glad your daughter wasn't harmed by the evil toaster oven!

Claire xx

Skittles said...

Glad she's ok! I always wanted one of those when I was little :)

Mike said...

I guess they need to test these things out more before they sell them. I'm glad your daughters ok.