Sunday, February 18, 2007

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

I saw a commercial today for a new game show on Fox. Jeff Foxworthy will host a game show called "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" Mark Burnett of Survivor Fame is the show's creator. The show will put one ordinary adult in a classroom set filled with about five average fifth graders. The contestants will start out with $100,000 but will then have to gamble this money by answering a series of general knowledge questions. The twist: All the questions will come from textbooks aimed at fifth graders and below. Subjects will range from first grade art to fifth grade math.

Kids won't be competing but will be available for use as lifelines if players need help. They'll also be on hand to serve as comic relief, gently mocking the grownups. If players make the right bets, the top prize can be $1 million!!!

This should be a funny show. It's set to premiere Tuesday, February 27 after American Idol.

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Linda said...

Back when I was a 5th grader I probably would have done well on this show but things have changed SO much since I was in grade school that I'd probably one of the adults that would want to slink off in sheer embarrassment!

I might have to watch just to see how stoopid I have become in my old age!

Linda said...

See? I'm so dumb I left out the word "be"!!!

Kara said...

sounds like a funny game show :)

Christie said...

hi there! i'm new here, congrats on blog of the day! anyway, looking forward to that show, it actually looks pretty funny! we'll see!

Maggie said...

Anything with Jeff Foxworthy should be good. I'll give it a shot. Just need to remember! That's the part I always fail at...I want to watch a show and I don't remember again until I hear it has been canceled.

My son got a Webkinz and I've been helping him with some of the questions... LOL... I should go back to elementary school.

Lisa said...

Oh man! We've got those Brain Quest games - I totally suck and the kids laugh and laugh!

And when my fourth grader needs help with math, I have to send her to my seventh grader.

Poor ol' dumb mama.

Pass the kleenex.

But hey - I adore Jeff F - I'll be watching!!!

Dayngr said...

I'm afraid to watch.