Thursday, January 04, 2007


Hope you all had a great Thursday. For a short week, this work week sure has seemed LONG! Thank goodness it's about to be over. : ) Today work was a whirlwind. I was busy from the moment I stepped in the door. I had quotes for four different customers out and taking phone calls one right after another. I am proud to say, however that I got everyone taken care of and all orders placed, delivered, and accounted for! In case ya were wondering, I am a showroom consultant. I sell kitchen and bath fixtures. Here's a link to my company's homepage. Go check it out. We're Southern Bath & Kitchen. I am proud to say I work for such a great company!!! If you're in the need for plumbing fixtures and ya live in the south, check out this web site and see where the closest SBK is to you!!!

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

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Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Hi Tisha,

I have a question for You are a mom, like me, and I just posted this post on my blog, and i wanted to know your opinion. It's about man/woman roles. It seems like I'm a bit behind the times. Lemme know what you think, if you have a moment, ok?



Ladies Man said...

You're right this has been a long week. Long because next week's my vacation, and I'm going to be skiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skittles said...

You should get commission for doing this post lol