Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ear Scratcher

This cute little elephant toy is a sweet accessory for your cell phone, but it also doubles as an indispensable tool for people with ear wax problems.

Fitting neatly atop your index finger, this elephant's trunk is a slightly curled, conventionally styled ear scratcher. (Do they have ear scratchers in the US? It's kinda like cleaning with a Q Tip but less disposable and more satisfying.) It's made just short enough not to reach your eardrums, so you can scratch away without jeopardizing your hearing.

Funny...just funny!

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Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Eeeewwww. So gross. Blah.

There's something to take in to your kids' school for show and tell day, eh? Yuck.

NMOTB said...

Happy Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!!!! That is so funny, can you just imagine if everyone had one of those!!!!! Sorry I am only getting to you now - I have been so busy since I got back from holiday!!!! Take Care!

David said...

That is just weird! People actually stick that in their ear?? I went to school with a guy that cleaned his ears with a pencil. He had to go to the office one day cause the pencil got shorter as he sharpened it, and he actually got it stuck in there. Should have gotten him one of these for Christmas.

Mike said...

What will they think of next lol. I imagine it would have to be cleaned really well between uses. I'll stick to q-tips.

Heart of Rachel said...

Funny what people design these days.

I'd like to stick with Q-tips and keep the cute elephant without abusing him that way. :)