Sunday, December 31, 2006

Your 16-month-old: Week 4

Toddlers live large, play hard, and love big — and feel great, passionate, messy feelings. When they get upset, they can start acting irrationally, just like adults do. And they often use emotional outbursts to clear out the bad feelings and get back on track — which may feel good to them but isn't always easy for you.
Before losing your temper, remember that your child's lack of self-control is normal and that he'll eventually learn what's socially acceptable by the way you and others respond to his antics. Try to respond calmly and enforce the limits you've set so things don't escalate.

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Skittles said...

A nice cold beer helps too.

Tisha said...

*LOL* I don't drink beer. I need something A LOT harder than that. heh heh

Cheryl Wray said...

2 and a half year olds also exhibit a lot of this! Plus, they are totally selfish and think the world revolves around them (of course, in our case, it usually does!)
Kids keep us young, don't they?
Hope you have a fun and safe New Year's!