Monday, December 04, 2006


Bec has been telling me how she's been going to pilates. She is always been such great inspiration for me to drag my lazy butt to work out as well. As some of you long time readers may remember, I've been a member of my local Curves for almost a year. I had GREAT results when I was dieting and going faithfully, but ast the year has progressed, I have became a slacker! I have not been going my three times a week. Things have been hectic with putting my oldest in a pre-school/daycare. It's crazy in the afternoons for me to go pick my kids up at two different places. (The little one still stays with Grandma, there are no spots open for him yet.) Anyhow, no more excuses. I made it back today and they were all glad to see me. I was glad to be there. I could tell it'd been a couple of weeks since I had been there. One, those machines were kickin' my butt and two...the worst of all, those pants I bought a couple of months ago are starting to get a little tight around the waist!! So, anyhow I made it and hope to make it the rest of the week. You guys keep on me and MAKE me go. I don't want those holiday lbs to keep packing on me. Thanks again, Bec for the great motivation you continue to give me. : ) Love ya girl.

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Skittles said...

I'm so proud of you!!! I was going to Curves, too but kind of quit on it.. and myself. Now that hubby's back to work as of today, and things will be returning to a more normal routine, I need to get back there.

Rebecca said...

Woohoo! You go girl!

Mike said...

GO GO GO ...hows that? It helps to keep up the routine. I know this after being off for 4 months and going back to work. My butt is kicked lol. Good luck with it.