Friday, December 08, 2006

To Do

Get a spare key made for my truck. No, get three spare keys made for my truck. One to keep under the bumper, one to give to my boss to keep at the office, and one to keep AT HOME. Hubby has a spare, and when I locked myself out of my truck this afternoon after we had lunch together, he was not in town to rescue me. He was an hour away. Thank goodness I have wonderful customers that were willing to stand out in the freezing cold and work diligently until they hit the door locks and unlocked it. Whew!

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Skittles said...

I locked my keys in my car once. Thank goodness I was still inside..

Mike said...

This is one reason I love my Grand Marquis, it has the pushbutton code thing on the door. If I lock my keys in all I have to do is punch in my code and voila.