Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Super Nanny

Anyone ever watch this show? I love to watch it. It was really good last night. I always wonder to myself how can those parents let their children get so out of hand? How can they let their children hit them or curse at them or spit, etc. But then I think to myself how hard raising children can be. Even for the most experienced parents. Some techniques that work for one child or even a family might not work with another. I know that there is a world of difference in disciplining my own children! My little girl has always been afraid of being spanked or hand spatted, etc. She would stop after you gave her the evil eye and mean voice. The little boy, however is not scared of anything. He will look at you and smile and climb higher onto the table, or farther under the Christmas tree, or into the dishwasher, bathtub, etc!! Their personalities are different therefor we have to discipline them differently. I tell ya, sometimes I sure do wish that Super Nanny would pay me a visit. I know that I am not a perfect parent, and my children are FAR from perfect. But, I guess all we can do is our best and hope that we make the right decisions for our children to grow up and be productive adults who will have children of their own and then realize that we weren't as mean and crazy as we thought! *LOL*

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Skittles said...

I used to watch Nanny every week, then it went into reruns and I keep forgetting now. Watching that show always makes me think I didn't too too bad. Aren't those kids awful? You can see why they are though from watching the parents.

NMOTB said...

Hi there, glad to see your P.C is feeling better!!!! I have never watched that program before (don't think it has ever aired here). My house is chaotic enough to make a program about or shall I say a comedy!!!!

Mike said...

The Nanny show was pretty good. It amazed me how some people let kids get away with the things they did. Taking care of kids can be chaotic. It just takes a good routine I think and stay with it.