Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hair Cut

Looks like my daughter and I will be making a visit to see our hair stylist. My best friend was in town this weekend and she came to my house. We had a night out, we watched Persuit of Happyness. While I was in the theatre, my phone kept vibrating, I could hear it in my purse. I checked it and it was hubby, who was in charge of our two children, ages 17 months and 4 years. Well, I decide I'd better get up and go out of the theatre and make sure nothing is wrong. I called him back and he said something was wrong, but it wasn't life threating. My little girl had cut her own hair! Yup, I know...all kids do it. She has long, beautiful, healthy, golden blonde hair, and she cut it to shreds! *LOL* She was asleep and it was wet when I got home, so I couldn't really see how bad it was. But, I think that we can call our beautician tomorrow and she can fix it. We'll probably lose some of the length, but it's not as bad as I had visioned. I thought she would have bangs up to her scalp. But, it was on the side, and she did cut the front, but it's still long enough that it can be pulled back. *LOL* Look for pictures later. For now, I'm going to go console my poor hubby. He is still seeing red!

***Addition to Post: I took her to get her hair trimmed up to fix what she did and she would not let them touch her hair. So, we ended up just pulling it back and we'll just let it grow. Nothing we can do about it now. Lesson learned...scissors locked in drawer where no children can reach them!!!***

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Mike said...

LOL, when my daughter was young I wouldn't let anyone cut her hair short. She had beautiful long blond hair. When she got older she did get it cut though. Little ones, you gotta love em.

Tisha said...

Men...something about that long hair! Sheesh.

Well, her hair was beautiful. We've only cut it one time, because it was so long that she was sitting on it.

Ah well, the good news is that she didn't cut herself and that hair can grow back!

maggie said...


Yup they all do it. When my daughter was younger she did the same thing. She begged her dad not to tell mommy.

Skittles said...

Oh no! I can see her beautiful long hair in the pictures below.